Advantages Machine Milking


Hand Milking Exerts Pressure on the teat ejecting Milk out. Machine works on the principle of vacuum just like the Calf sucking its mother. The Vacuum applied to the teat opens the liner Milking Phase) and milk flows down, then the atmospheric air is allowed to enter thus causingliner to close (Massage Phase).

handvsmachinemilkingThe sight of the calf or the sound of the milking machine or by massaging the udder stimulates the nerves. From the nerves signals/impulses pass to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus stimulates the posterior pituitary gland to discharge oxytocin. Blood carries this hormone to the myoepithelial cells that surround the alveoli. The contraction of the myoepithelial cells forces the milk into the duct system and the gland cistern. Alevoli is a Tiny Ball connected to the milk duct. There are millions of alevoli in the udder.

Modern Machine Milking is Very Similar to Natural Milking

Gets better milk yield and cow’s remain healthy


  • Increase in milk yield by 10-15%
  • Reduce milking time
  • No need of skilled milker
  • Clean milk
  • Better udder health
  • Ensures complete milking & safe health




Hand Milking Disadvantage

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