Automated Manure handling


Automatic Manure Handling

amh1VANSUN SVEAVERKEN (Sweden) offers a wide precision solutionsfor manure handling like Scrapper deployed at Cow standing areas, Submersible Agitators / Mixer in Manure Pits, Slurry Pumps, Lagoon Pumps and Robotic Scrapers.

Designed for Cattle Farms Electronic Controlled Sturdy and Reliable Excellent for Hygiene Hassle Free and Easy Maintenance.

Delta Scrapper For Cattle Farm

amh2The Delta scrapper is the most suitable scrapper for cubicle houses and sloping floor stables that use long straw for bedding. The U profile scrapper pushes the muck to the end of the passageway where a turning chain system transports it to the dung heap.

Delta Scrapper for a passage with varying widths, a perfect solution for passages with varying widths. The scrapper adjusts without any problem and leaves no muck behind.

SCRAPPER Advantages

  • Clean work space leading to better quality Milk.
  • Scrapper can be fitted on any kind of floor
    Saving on shed construction costs thanks to simple assembly scrapper can be
    fitted on any kind of floor anywhere. They are specially designed for sables for
    concrete floors. Scrapper with optional synthetic rubber wear strips also gives
    an even cleaner floor.
  • No Structural Alterations to buildings.
  • Can be easily and equally assembled in any stable.
  • The entire system is fitted to a flat floor which means enormous saving.

Grid Scrapper

  • Hygienic Milking
  • Less slurry on the slats meaning fewer hoof problems and cleaner cubicles.
  • Less washing meaning quicker milking
  • Les slurry behind the cubicles meaning quicker milking.

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