Automated Milking Parlors

Run your Dairy Farm with Profitability – For Medium to Big Farms

Precision Automated Dairy Farming, Ensuring – Control at every Step

Milking solutions offered:
1. Swingover
2. Heringbone
3. Rapid Exit
4. Rotary

Milking Parlor Automation

amp1Dairy Farming is gaining more control with the latest generation of automation. For Large Dairy Farms, the need to have accurate data is necessary, it’s important to know on daily basis Milk Yield, Health of Cow, Feed Intake, Mastitis Detection, Lameness Detection etc.
Vansun is bringing the Latest State of Technology in automation from Afimilk ensuring that you run your dairy farm profitably with ease. Windows Based Herd Management Software that is fully integrated with several Data coming from the Milking Parlor and Feed Station. Easy Data Presentation and Understanding of the same.

VANSUN Brings to India Afifarm – The Most Advanced and Leading
Milk Farm Management System in the World.


Swingover Milking Parlor with Computerized System


In a Swingover Milking parlor, the cows are milked on one side and the cows on the other side are being kept ready for Milking and animals stand at an angle of 30 Degree. Ideal solution for the farm sizes of 100 Milking Cows, offer expansion possibility, Faster Turn out, Less wastage of time.

Herringbone Milking Parlor with Computerized System


In Herringbone Milking parlors the cows are milked on both side and cows are milked simultaneously on both sides together, Cows stand at an angle of 30 Deg or 50 Deg. Ideal solution for the farm sizes of more than 100-400 Milking Cows, Both side Milking, Faster Milking, Less Labor intensive.

Parallel Parlors

In Parallel Parlors the cows stand at 90 degrees and are milked from between the legs, It is ideal for a large size Dairy farm as it reduces the pit length thus saving time in walking of cows, a Batch of cows will exit the parlor, This helps in faster Milking of cows per hour. Ideal Solution for Farms with more than 500 Milking Cows, Typical installation for 2X10.


– For Large Herds with more than 500 milking cows –
– Hot Dip Galvanized construction –
– Galvanized Sliding gates –
– Galvanized Sequencing Gates –
– Ladders –
– Heavy duty Pneumatics –
– Slush trough in Galvanized sheet or SS –
– Afimilk Automation with Afifirm –
– Herd Management Software –



In a Rotary Parlor, there is huge Platform on which cows arrive for Milking and this entire platform moves very slowly. Only two-three person are used to milk more than 2000 Milking Cows, the platform can be of a size from 40 to 80 cows.


Robust Construction and Highly Mechanized Technology Deployment gives you optimum Automation Farm Milking solutions ensuring Professional Farm Management and Output


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