Bucket Milking

Bucket Milking Machine

 Vansun Milking Machines are an ideal choice for family-sized farms with Milking Cows from 5 to 50 and more of any breed like Holstein- Friesian or Indian Breeds. Vansun Milking Machines are Electrically operated and have Rotary oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump with Stainless Steel Milking Buckets.

All the Critical parts are from interpulse Spa of Italy who is one of the largest Milking Machine Component Manufacture based in Italy.


  • Easy Installation
  • Can be wall mounted or Floor Mounted
  • Low Noise and Power Consumption.
  • Rotary Oil Lubricated Vane Type Vacuum Pumps
  • Faster Milking
  • Long Life Machines
  • Offers Better Vacuum Stability
  • Kero-Petrol Engines Options Available

Buffalo Milking Machine

Vansun has Designed Special Cluster for Buffalo milking and it Consists of Special Liner “Bubalus” that was designed based on scanning of Buffaloe Teats. The Heavier Cluster and Special Liner ensure good and efficient Buffaloe Milking

Bucket Milking Machine Models

There are Several Model to select from based upon the size of the Dairy Farm. Model and Selection Guide