Headlock,Weaner, Cleaning Agent & Teat Dip Solution


Head Lock

We offer to our customers a high quality Head Lock, which is made as per the latest technology. This equipment is installed for maximum comfort of cows. Our barn equipment is manufactured using quality material, in conformation with defined industry norms and standards.

tds1Teat Dip Solution

It is imported from Hypred of France which is Global Leader in Mastitis prevention and is based on special formulae that ensures prevention of Mastitis. The solution provides an even coating which is anti bacterial and is healthy for the cow. We also manufacture Non Return Dip cup that is used together with the Teat Dip solutions.

Cleaning AgentCleaning Agent

Best Quality Alkaline Detergents and Acidic Detergents that are compatible with different materials used in milking Machine Like Rubber/PVC/Steel etc etc. Our Detergents ensures that there is very little foaming of the detergent and cleaning is best.



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Calf feeding bottle

Calf Feeding Bottle



Calf Weaner is used for cow that drink milk from other cows and also prevent calves to drink milk from other cows.