Profit Maximisation Software

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A Proven Success in the Dary Farming Industry

Management tools for maximizing productivity and increasing profits
of the dairy farm.

Afifarm - The advanced software presents a comprehensive state of the art analysis tool. It has become now the most reliable tool to manage dairy farm operations on a daily basis with the most accurate data

  • Smart advanced analysis algorithms.
  • Smart automatic procedures for assigning cows for treatment based on performance.
  • Highly intuitive, user friendly screens and reports..
  • Better control over the herd with other integrated support tools thus maximizing profit.

Afifarm deals with various aspects of the dairy herd. It analyses the data,generates reports and work list to present an accurate picture of the dairy herd at any given moment. It is Integrated into the Afimilk system providing help in making key decision on a daily basis in a dairy farm.

  • Afifarm has helped in drastically reducing damages caused by Mastitis
  • Has Improving Fertility
  • Monitored the Efficiency of milking procedures
  • Tracked nutrition and postpartum problems

AfiMilk MPC - Milk Meter for Precision Milking

The easy to use Afimilk MPC meter provides full control over the milking process at the milking point. Part of the Afimilk management system, this ICAR approved meter transfers valuable data collected during milking to the management program. There the data serves to enhance daily herd management.

AfiMilk MPC offers series of supporting features and operator aid alerts. The device gathers data that enables farmers to make vital decisions ‘ in cow management and to maintain animal health.

afimilkmpc_1 afimilkmpc_2 afimilkmpc_3

Milking Controls

Milking - Built to cope with high flow rates, offers the necessary protection against damaging vacuum fluctuations.

Cluster Removal - Provides accurate adjustable thresholds for automatic stoppage of milking when milk flow decreases, timed vacuum
closure guarantees smooth release of cluster from udder.

Pulsation - Enables two methods of controlling pulsation. Basic control allows configurable rates and ratios. While advanced flow controlled
pulsation automatically adjusts pulsation according to milk flow.Pulsation stops when cluster is detached, extending the life of milking
equipment, pulsators and liners.

Stimulation - Supports pre milking stimulation.

Washing - Monitors efficiency of washing both Temp. and detergents.

 Afimilk MPC Control Panel - serves as the interface between the operator and the Afimilk Management System, by presenting relevant information regarding the cow being milked, the device helps, operators makes decision about milking specific cows.

Alert Codes - An extremely important application, alerts users about irregular operations or cows needing special attention during milking. Codes may help in stopping contaminate the bulk milk.

Cow Data - shows cow number when it is identified at the milking point.

Mastitis Alerts - Real time parlor alerts sent when probability of mastitis is high.

Fault Alerts / Messages - Milk meter and connected apparatus faults are indicated by error messages.Messages may be sent from the milking point to the PC.



At VANUN, Afimilk,
we believe the answer is in the details. VANSUN Afimilk is the system that brings improved performance to every herd and every farm by maximizing operational efficiency and increased profits.