Slurry Handling System


Slurry-Handling-Systems7Slurry Handling Systems

Both Electric Operated and PTO Driven
Manufactured in Hard Steel
with Tungsten Carbide Edge
Leak Prof Gear Assembly
Long Life.

Slurry-Handling-Systems6Manure Separator

  • Designed for separation of solid and liquids in Manure
  • Complete wth nonbinding wedge - Wire Screen
  • Hard coated heat treated screw
  • Powerful motors
  • Powdered coated

Slurry Pumps

Slurry-Handling-Systems5The Agitating Pumps are used for agricultural purposes. Our classic and known manure pumps are used at various pits and for manure storage worldwide. The proven construction of this agitating pump allows the usage of efficient air cooled electrical engines, with of course a high capacity.

The special impeller is performed with tungsten carbide edges with the same in at the casing on the clutch bell, providing the impeller with a chopping mechanism to reduce the length of fibers and solids.

Manure pumps are available in various sizes.
Typical Using Grounds are : Agitating / Slurry tank filling / Flushing / Forwarding.

Lagoon Mixers and Pumps

Slurry-Handling-Systems4A number of varieties can be offered for mixing large lagoons and silo’s. Either PTO driven or electrically. These mixers are lowered into the lagoon by using slides.

PTO mixers are also used in lagoons containing solid particles and sludge as well as at situations where it requires higher capacities.

Emptying lagoons and silo’s can be done by using varied suitable pups. Pumps and mixers can be electronically
controlled in many ways.

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