The Ultimate Herd Management Tool

Save 14 lakhs per Annum with Afimilk-Vansun Miking system & Software

AfiFarm is a herd management solution for dairies of any size that helps dairy managers make the best possible decisions. AfiFarm provides the most comprehensive and accurate real-time view of the herd, covering all essential aspects of dairy farm management.

Get Essential Animal Information on your Smartphone

A new application for managers and employees – gets you the essential animal information to your smartphone whenever you need it.
Either type the cow’s herd number or scan the animal’s RFID ear tag with an RFID wand. To Manage your Vital Knowhow AfiFarm, the most comprehensive, scalable, and flexible software for the automation and management of dairy farms – now with a whole set of new capabilities and a more friendly, accessible, and intuitive UI. AfiFarm 5.2 is clearly the best AfiFarm yet.

Features and Benefits New in AfiFarm 5.2

  • Comprehensive health management
  • Detection of ketosis, mastitis, and digestion problems
  • Group wellbeing – automatic alerts on over-crowding,
    bedding problems, and reduced wellbeing
  • Point-on heat detection and fertility management
  • Monitoring and analysis of milk production
  • Milking efficiency analysis
  • Advanced animal sorting
  • Monitoring the quality of milking parlor CIP
  • AfiFarm ABC dashboard and new reports
  • Reliable Calving Alert Service
  • New Inline Milk Lab applications
  • Two new mobile applications
  • Mobile notifications for calving and heat detection
  • Rotary terminal with touchscreen
  • The best integration with DC305 on the market

A Proven Success in the Dairy Farming Industry

Features and Benefits Requires

  • Access key information such as group, days
    in milk, pregnancy status, and average production per animal status (Heifer, Milking
    Cow, Dry Cow)
  • Data on recent events, for example, group change, vet visit, heat, and insemination
  • Sort milk cows in one click
  • Find Cow ID by typing, smart search, or automated using an RFID wand


Meet AfiFarm ABC, your new farm dashboard

  • Improved usability, always-on homepage
  • All key management functions at your fingertips
  • Always updated – reports will open in a snap, even in the largest mega-farms

What’s in it?

  • Current status – inventory and production
  • Attention lists – powerful system reports from Afimilk’s experts
  • Action lists – tasks to perform, problems to solve

Stay Alert! Farm Notifications Mobile App

A new application that provides a user-friendly visual inbox for timely notifications on important farm events, for example “animal 4385 – prolonged calving”, “your daily list of animals for insemination:

Management tools for maximizing productivity and increasing profits of the dairy farm.