Technology Shaking Hands With The Dairy Industry

Whenever we think of technology, we often refer to the newest iOS mobile phone launched or the most elegant home appliance we just bought, or the latest space programs going on. However, we rarely have a glance at how technology is contributing to industries like dairy farming. While we were binge-watching Netflix in our blankets, the world changed dramatically due to technology increasing its base day by day. For instance, dairy farmers could never imagine a milking machine that would ease the laborious milking process. Yet, technology and firms like Vansun have made it possible for dairy farmers to enjoy the benefits of milking machines and other advanced equipment.

Read on to know how technology has widened its base to impact dairy farming positively.

The Advent Of Vacuum Technology In Dairy Farming

There was a time when dairy farmers stressed over extracting milk from cows. The laborious process would take hours and days, while also sometimes hurting the teats of the cattle. However, with technology showing the best colors, time has changed. Today, farmers make use of milking machines to ease the process of milking.

First things first, these milking machines are often designed of skin-soft and delicate rubber, which never hurts the cows. The vacuum technology to extract milk replaces the need to exert pressure on the teats of the cattle.

Take a moment to appreciate vacuum technology and how it has reached dairy farms to extract milk effortlessly. Not only are these milking machines safe for the cattle, but they also foster milk yields for dairy farmers. The easy to use technique acts as a plus. While there are multiple milking machine providers in the market these days, Vansun stands as a reliable name. At Vansun, you can expect nothing less than excellence in high-end milking machines that match the industry standards.

Milking Parlors

Who knew a huge set of machines could replace the need of a dairy farmer to extract milk from a huge herd of cattle. Milking parlors have made it possible to extract milk from a huge herd of cattle at the same time, thereby saving a lot of time for both the farmer and the cattle.

For instance, the Milking Parlors by Vansun aren’t the favorite of dairy farmers without a reason. Milking parlors let dairy farmers having huge herds of cattle see all the cows getting milked effortlessly on a raised, platform. Milking in Vansun Milking Parlor is very easy and comfortable for animals as well as Milker’s.

And these Milking Parlors can be made fully automatic with PRECISION MILKING where we collect the data from Milk about

  • Production
  • Mastitis
  • Digestion
  • Heat Detection
  • Animal Identification
  • Dystocia
  • Calving alerts
  • Lameness
  • Restlessness
  • So many parameters that helps you to become a BETTER FARM MANAGER and improve upon the KPI of the farm.

Advanced technologies like Pedometers that monitors the no of rest hours/rest bouts and host of other parameters have also ensured an increase in the happiness levels of the cattle. How? Well, a relaxing day that gives you ample time to socialize with your friends and family has never failed to bring a wide smile to your face. Similarly, cattle too need their free time to socialize and roam around. When daunting processes like milking are done effortlessly in minutes, cattle get a lot of time to enjoy the best time of their lives. Moreover, thanks to milking machines and milking parlors, cows and buffaloes no longer experience any pain during the milking process, which further adds to their happiness. Technologies must be celebrated and saluted when they create a win-win situation like this for one and all.

Technology Fostering The Health Of Cattle

Gone are the days when farmers lacked sufficient knowledge about the right practices to be used in their profession. These days, dairy farmers are abreast of the latest advancements, do’s and don’ts, and smart techniques of dairy farming; thanks to technology bringing all the information in their phones with a click. Yes, our phones not only have educational and entertainment apps for the urban populace, but they also contain smartly designed apps for farmers. Some of these apps help in tracking the health of the cattle. Moreover, farmers, these days have started using fitbits for their cows to keep track of their activities and health. A smart way of analyzing the rumination of your cattle is through Vansun Rumination Neck Collars. Yes, not only does Vansun provide high end milking machines to ease the milking processes, but it also offers specially designed rumination neck collars for farmers to keep an eye on the health of their cattle. No wonder technology has made dairy farming more comfortable and fancy!


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