TMR Feeding Systems

TMR Feeding System


The AVM S series is designed for small and medium-sized farm needs. These Machines are able to cut and mix any fibrous products with extreme care and rapidity, ensuring a feed ration physiologically suited for ruminants.


The rationally designed and multi-purpose  AVM S (single auger) and WS (dual auger) vertical mixer series is characterised by the 3 load cell bearing body. Unloading can be direct by chute or, alternatively, bi-lateral at the front or back to  obtain perfect product distribution.

The AVM H vertical mixer series, designed for continuous and heavy-duty work cycles, to meet medium and large-sized farm needs.


SABER NT –  A wide range of versions of mixed mixers that can meet the requirements and needs of all zootechnical companies. From medium – small companies with a small number of heads to those of large and very large heads. Novelty is the version without Silage cutter and with loader is the bearing reenforced body. With the use of a single tractor it is possible to load whole round bales or loose products easily. 

SABER NT – The Silage cutter group fitted on WT versions can cut & mix. In just a few minutes all ingredients necessary for feeding cattle from silage maize and grass to straw and hay round pales. The silage face is smooth and compact, avoiding therefore the formation of mould. Fitted within the machine with, it reduces its overall dimensions and makes movement easy, even, in limited space. 


Perfect shredding on whole round bales of fodder, straw and wrapped bales of products and on any other type of ingredient necessary to prepare the ration.

Homogeneous mixing of all products.

Limited maintenance

Total Operators  Safety

High Versatility and safety