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Vansun is the First Indian company to bring and promote the concept of Machine Milking in India both for small and large Dairy Farms. At Vansun we have the top industry experienced people as part of Vansun team.Our advance Dairy Farm Solutions and thousands of Milking Installations stand proof of our service and turnkey capabilities.
We have a top team of designers, fabricators, structural engineers & architects to plan small and large dairy farms on turnkey basis.

Why Choose Vansun

Vansun Technologies Pvt Ltd has been serving Dairy Farmers in India for more than 20 years in Milking and other Dairy Farm Equipments. Vansun is proud to be India’s First company in India to offer Milking Machine and has several thousands of customers across country as well as outside India. Vansun started in 1999 with Milking Machine and now offers Turnkey Dairy Farm Solutions right from the designing of the Dairy Farm, Modern Milking Technologies with Herd Management software, Milk Cooling and Processing, Barn/shed Equipments and Manure Management.

In last 20 Years Vansun has gained considerable experience in all aspects of business and has widest service network across India making it the largest company with widest user base. India’s leading companies like AMUL, NESTLE, MILK CO-OPERATIVES in various states, Animal Husbandry departments chose Vansun for Milking Machine and other Mechanization products for Dairy Farms.

Vansun Milking Machines

Single Bucket Milking Machine

Single Bucket cow milking machines by Vansun make use of vacuum and Pulsation technology to draw milk comfortably and gently from the animal, thus ensuring pure comfort to the cows.

Double Bucket Milking Machine

Double Bucket Milking Machines by Vansun provides the milk extraction productivity of 25-30 buffaloes or cows in an hour. Vansun’s Double Bucket Milking Machines replace all such discomforts with ease.

4 Bucket Milking Machine

Four Bucket Milking Machine by Vansun is an extraordinary invention that leads to an effortless, and painless milk extracting experience. Our automatic Four Bucket Milking Machines offer the productivity of 40-50 cows in an hour.

6 Bucket Milking Machine

Six Bucket Milking Machines by Vansun help dairy farmers touch the productivity of 50-60 cows in an hour. Our milking machine runs on 3 HP power input and delivers an effortless milking experience.

8 Bucket Milking Machine

Eight Bucket Milking Machines for smart dairy farmers who love their cows a little harder. This incredible eight bucket milking machine for dairy farms offers nothing less than pure comfort; both to the cow and the dairy farmer. Our automatic eight Bucket Milking Machines offer the productivity of 60-70 cows in an hour.

1 HP 3 Bucket Milking Machine

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