AfiMilk MPC Milk Meter & AfiLab Milk Analyzer

AfiMilk MPC Milk Meter & AfiLab Milk Analyzer

AfiMilk MPC Milk Meter for precision milking

The easy to use Afimilk MPC meter provides full control over the milking process at the milking point. Part of the Afimilk management system,  this ICAR approved meter transfers valuable data collected during milking to the management program. There the data serves to enhance daily herd management.

AfiMilk Industrial Milk Meter and Controller – The device gathers data that enables farmers to make vital decisions in cow management and to maintain animal health.

Mastitis Alerts – Real time parlor alerts sent when probability of mastitis is high.

Milking – Built to cope with high flow rates, offers the necessary protection against damaging vacuum fluctuations.

Cluster Removal – Provides accurate adjustable thresholds for automatic stoppage of milking when milk flow decreases, timed vacuum closure guarantees smooth release of cluster from udder.

Pulsation Controller – Advanced flow controlled pulsation automatically adjusts pulsation according to milk flow. Pulsation stops when cluster is detached, extending the life of milking
equipment, pulsators and liners.

Stimulation – Supports pre milking stimulation.

Washing – Monitors efficiency of washing both Temp. and detergents.

AfiLab – It is installed between the milk meter and milk collection line at each milking point, Thus measures the composition of the milk each cow gives. AfiLab’s continues data collection provides vital information and key performance indicators enhancing decision making by dairy managers. The data is utilized to detect animals requiring attention while also providing online milking alerts.

In-Line Milk Lab
Early Detection Significant Return on Investment

In-Line Milk Lab is today’s most effective tool for early detection of:

Early detection minimizes losses due to negative energy balance
Accurate detection helps prevent tremendous loss of production, and improves fertility Acidosis
Detection of Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA)
allows quick modification of food quality
Additional benefits
Feed monitoring (TMR corrections), prevents bulk milk contamination by blood and/or antibiotics, improves genetic planning

In-Line Milk Lab
AfiLab Ensuring Feed Efficiency

Optimal feed regimes Identifying effects of ration changes Detecting reduced quality of feed AfiLab alerts you of feed problems AfiLab to the rescue – with dedicated dashboard Feed is the greatest cost of dairy farms.

Therefore, its optimized control is of major importance. Problems such as unplanned changes or over-mixed rations, often cause changes in milk fat and protein, and the ratio between them. AfiLab monitors milk components at each milking. Any problem is quickly identified (within 1or 2 milkings), and the dedicated dashboard alerts the farmer.

In-Line Milk Lab
Maintains Top Quality Milk

Prevent loss of bulk milk There’s nothing more frustrating than having to throw away a whole tank due to load of contaminated milk wrongly milked to the tank. Afimilk’s In-Line Milk Lab is your insurance policy to prevent bulk milk contamination: – Colostrum – may be blocked from milking
– Milk of a cow with antibiotic treatment –  may be blocked from milking
– Blood in the milk – may be detected by AfiLab, and quickly stop milking