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Our Story

It was in the year 97-98 when Mr. Sandeep Raina our Founder was travelling in Punjab interior villages for checking the progress of installation of Bulk Milk Coolers recently supplied to Nestle in Moga by his former company Praj Industries Ltd.

At that time he had the opportunity to interact with Chilling center person and farmers who supply the Milk. Farmers were keeping the animals actually for there own domestic requirement and surplus Milk was sold to the nearby Milk company or co-operative.  Farmers were actually happy with this arrangement as it was immediate money in there hand within 7-10 days from the supply and this extra income was used by farmer for Children Schooling and other household expenses.  Most of the other Agricultural Income would be seasonal and take time.

But most of the farmers had only 1 to 3 cows. I asked them if it is increasing the income of the family then why they are not keeping more cows to earn more and I understood that milking the cows is not easy, not everyone can milk the cows properly it is an art and learnt skill. Skilled milkers are not available and those who can will be able to milk only 3-4 cows properly and beyond that they also get tired.

This was the time when I thought of making Milking Machine that will eliminate the drudgery and tedious work of Milking, enabling Farmer to increase his herd size and also produce Hygenic Milk. And soon began the trials and errors till we perfected the Milking Machine. I am happy to be part of this important contribution to Dairy Farm sector that enabled increased Herd size and better Productivity.

Today Vansun is a committed Team of more than 85 People partnering more than 30,000 Farmer across India in realizing there dream and making Turnkey commercial dairy farms.

We are a leading turnkey dairy farm solution provider

Vansun Milestones

Vansun Technologies Pvt Ltd is First Indian company to Manufacture and supply Milking Machines, Milking Parlors and other Dairy Farm Equipments in India as well in export Markets. Vansun is serving Dairy Farmers for more than 20 Years in India and has developed products with innovative concepts in Milking, Feeding and Management of Dairy Farms.

Our Customers

Vansun Reach in India

Vansun Technologies Pvt Ltd has been serving Dairy Farmers in India for more than 20 years in Milking and other Dairy Farm Equipments. Vansun is proud to be India’s  First company in India to offer Milking Machine and has several thousands of customers across country as well as outside India. Vansun started in 1999 with Milking Machine and now offers Turnkey Dairy Farm Solutions right from the designing of the Dairy Farm, Modern Milking Technologies with Herd Management software, Milk Cooling and Processing, Barn/shed Equipments and Manure Management.

In last 20 Years Vansun has gained considerable experience in all aspects of business and has widest service network across India making it the largest company with widest user base. India’s leading companies like AMUL, NESTLE, MILK CO-OPERATIVES in various states, Animal Husbandry departments chose Vansun for Milking Machine and other Mechanization products for Dairy Farms.

Some of Our Prestigious Clients

  • Nestle India Ltd.
  • Progressive Dairy Farmers Associations of  – Punjab, Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat
  • AMUL Anand
  • Banas Milk Cooperative
  • Glaxo Smithcline
  • Sahayadri Agro & Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Danone
  • Thousands of dairy farmers across India and neighbouring countries
Vansun Installed Commercial Hi Tech Dairies

Our Global Presence

  • NepalNepal
  • UgandaUganda
  • PhilippinesPhilippines
  • MalaysiaMalaysia

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