AfiAct II Leg Tag – Cow Heat Detection

AfiAct II

Most Accurate Heat Detection


The World's Leading LEG TAG for Cow Heat Detection


AfiTag II


Pedometer for cows


Heat profile screen


Heat detection alert


Calving Alert Service Screen


Calving Alert SMS

For the most accurate heat detection

Based on the widely-used AfiAct Internet of Cows™ technology, the next-generation AfiAct II sets new standards for heat detection. Extremely sensitive and accurate, the system picks up what that other solutions miss.

AfiAct II:

  • Collects and updates activity and behavior data all the time
  • Indicates decrease in activity (lame or sick cows)
  • Provides early detection of anestrus, abortion and cyclic disorders
  • Records history of heat patterns throughout cow’s entire life
  • Provides fertility indexes, conception rate per bull and per inseminator

AfiAct II system highlights

The next-generation automatic heat detection system significantly improves pregnancy rates and fertility performance and reduces operating costs. The most accurate system on the market, AfiAct II provides:

  • the highest possible heat detection rate, the lowest rate of false alerts
  • results updated every hour
  • behavior data anywhere on the farm
  • a scalable, adaptable system

AfiAct II supports herds of any size. Able to integrate with Afimilk’s farm and milking parlor management system, AfiAct II is accessible from the web on any type of devices such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. It is easy to install, works with an off-the-shelf Wi-Fi router and requires no network cabling. AfiAct II is available as a standalone system.

Data integrity is essential for decision-making on the farm. AfiTag (Pedometer and Pedometer Plus) is a dual-purpose electronic device that reliably and accurately performs animal ID and gauges behavior patterns.

Best heat Detection, 24/7-
Helps improve pregnancy rate with accurate and time sensitive heat detection that enables you to identify which cow should be inseminated and when.

Animal ID-
Performed easily with Afimilk’s unique antenna technology.

Unique set of premium features-
Calving alert service allows for intervention when needed. Alerts on rest time and health problems help keep your herd healthy and productive.

Mechanical design-
Made to last and withstand the harshest farm conditions. Durable battery –  designed to last for many years.

Today's Most Advanced Cow Leg Sensor

AfiAct II: Afimilk’s effective calving alert service

AfiAct II’s calving alert service is using 24/7 cow behavior monitoring analyzed by advanced algorithms implemented in the AfiFarm management software. As a result, it provides alerts with high accuracy (typically, the actual calving takes place within 4 hours from the received alert). Although in some cases a calving event can be missed, a false alarm is extremely rare (under 10%). The timeline for the system’s alerts is as follows:

  1. First alerts – Alerts the farmer to when calving is about to start. He or she can then prepare by moving the expecting cow to the calving area. High risk calving, such as twins or cows that are inducted, is noted in order to arrange for special care.
  2. Second alerts – Alerts the farmer to prolonged calving and the risk of dystocia to determine whether intervention is needed. Preparing early for intervention may save both the calf and the cow.
  3. After calving – The newborn calf must now be moved to a safe environment and fed with colostrum milk. The cow must be taken care of as well.


  • monitors cow behavior patterns, activity, rest time and restlessness 24/7, enabling the farmer to make effective decisions regarding fertility, health, calving, and management
  • properly assigns data to animals and creates trustworthy databases that are critical for successful decision-making.

In today’s market, improving fertility is a must. 

Let AfiAct II do this for you.

Calving alert service
Rest, health and wellbeing.

Timely calving detection can make the difference between losing or saving offspring and cows. With the AfiAct II calving alert service, you can now receive notifications directly to your smartphone.
Better monitoring and improved production.
Cows need to rest! – rested cows produce more milk.
Time-sensitive alerts
2-4 hours before calving.
Special prolonged calving alerts
Crucial for intervention.
Successfully used on hundreds of farms in multiple countries.
All you need is a smartphone (iOS or Android).

Integrated with AfiFarm comprehensive farm management software

The AfiActII cow monitoring tool and AfiFarm 5.2 farm management solution integrated into the perfect solution that includes:

  • Cow id in the milking parlor and sort gate
  • Combined multiple sensor algorithms
  • Great heat detection, great management tools.