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AfiAct II

Most Accurate Heat Detection

The World’s Leading Leg Pedometer for Cow Heat Detection

AfiTag II

Heat profile screen

Calving Alert Service Screen

Pedometer for cows

Heat detection alert

Calving Alert SMS

The new age Dairy Farming with IOC (Internet of Cows) offers superior heat detection with proven reliability Afiact II – the best in the World

  • 24/7 Data Collection
  • Alerts Lameness and Sick Cows
  • Alerts on anestrus Heat, Abortion and Cystic Cows
  • History of Heat Activity
  • Advanced Fertility Parameter improving the farm breeding and Fertility Management.

With Afiact II you keep the most important Factor on Farm Management which is Fertility under control with Highest deterction rate and false alerts

  • Round the clock Heat Detection 24/7, 365 Days for improving your heat detection and time of insemination.
  • The longest Durable Battery Design.

Most Advanced Leg Pedometer

Afiact II system works for you by reducing false alerts and maximizing heat detection rate, calving alert, delayed calving and host of other Parameters by advance and precise set of algorithms. In Case of calving you get alerts on predicted

  1. Time of Calving,
  2. Delayed Calving
  3. Possibility of Twins
  4. Dystocia – most common calving problem in first time Pregnancies

Calving alert service

Healthy and good welfare of Cows means higher milk production with Afifarm 5.3 Software and Pedometers you know in advance the resting time, Restlessness, bedding condition in sheds apart from calving alert – Stay updated on android and ios phones with our notification app and manage your enterprise better.

Integrated with AfiFarm comprehensive farm management software

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  • Uganda
  • Philippines
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