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Why is Vansun considered the first option
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How to identify a good Milking Machine

  • Bigger Vacuum Pump for Milking Application
  • High Capacity Vacuum Pumps
  • Heavy Duty Electric Motor.
  • Mastitis Indicator
  • Hydropulsator.
  • Stainless steel Claw : To maintain Hygiene and ensure durability
  • Monoblock Liners in Food Grade and Pthaale free
  • Bigger Milking Cans : Stainless steel Can of bigger capacity than 25 Litres
  • Companies with Proven History of Service and Reliability
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Milking by hands is a common practice in Indian villages especially when the herd sizes are small, but with increased genetic, increased no of cows per household it is often the dream of the farmer to have the machine so that he does not have to be dependent on milkers or stand hours for milking by hand which is not easy. Vansun is committed to bring Value for Money and to free the Dairy Farmers from the drudgery of Milking. Vansun has been in this field since 1999 and has more than 30,000 Dairy Farmers as its valuable customers across India and has been instrumental in changing the landscape of Dairy Farming in India with Mechanization.

Vansun has high quality machines that are exported from India and a wide dealer and service network for making the product available in the market.

Benefits of Vansun Bucket Milking Machines:

  • Increases Milk Production by 10-15%
  • Reduces Milking Time by Half
  • No Dependence on Skilled Labor
  • Anyone can Milk the cows using Vansun Milking Machine
  • Vansun bucket milking machine is suitable for herds ranging between 2-5-60 cows.
  • For Bigger Herds there are bigger Machines available that can milk multiple cows at a time per hour
  • The milking mechanism is similar to calf sucking teats
  • Maintain cow hygiene and udder health.
  • Economically efficient solution it pasy back in less than a year
  • The machines are suitable for small or medium-sized dairy farms
  • Quantify Milk Yields
  • Eco-friendly milking machines
  • Mastitis detection with a machine equipped mastitis indicator
  • Hassle-Free Milking
  • Ease Milking Process
  • Reduced Labour Cost

What Makes Vansun Milking Machine unique and suitable for Indian Dairy farmers is the quality of its components which are made in India for domestic and Export Market.

Some Key Features are:

1. Hydro Pulsator

Most of the companies use Low Cost Vacuum or Pneumatic Pulsators but they easily get affected by Vacuum loss whereas Vansun has developed Hudropulsator which has liquid inside that maintains the vacuum despite of any leakages induced by Milker while attaching or detaching the machine to the cow. Hydro Pulsator is the heart of Milking Machine and keeps the Milking Process in perfect control maintaining Milking and Rest Phase of the cow ann ensure cows do not suffer from edema or hyperkeratosis or other issues realted with teats of the animal.

Hydro Pulsator

2. Mastitis Indicator

Mastitis the most dreaded diseases by the dairy Farmers, and as the genetics improves, milk production improves so is the chance of cows getting affected by Mastitis. Vansun is the First Company in India that developed a special sieve for detecting the mastitis in cows in Milking Machine, This sieve is encapsulated in a transparent housing that is inserted in Milk Pipe, if cow is suffering from mastitis the flakes will get trapped in the indicator and farmer will come to know that cow is suffering from Mastitis. A big Relief to the Dairy farmer as untreated Mastitis can cause a loss of 3500-5000 per event per animal to the farmer

Mastitis Indicator

Bigger Stainless steel Claw : 320 CC Stainless steel with Transparent Bowl for easy visibility of Milk

Heavy Duty Electric Motors that are capable to operate in Indian Village Conditions

3. Bigger Steel Cans

Who wants to waste time in opening or emptying the cans, Vansun Offers Milking Bucket with MORE THAN 25 Ltr Capacity that saves times in emptying the cans. Milking Time generally for Cows is 5-6 Minutes a lot of Time is wasted in emptying the cans once it gets filled but Vansun you can save few minutes per cow and thus save overall milking time of the herds.

Stainless steel cans are Hygienic and easy to clean and maintain.

Bigger Steel Cans

Most Trusted Service Providers Since 1999

Vansun Milking Machine are suitable for family-sized barns that foster herds with 5-60 cows of respective breeds Holstein, Friesian, or Indian. These machines are operated with the help of Electricity starting and use Electric motors. Milking machines have rotary oil-lubricated vacuum pumps that generates Vacuum and Pulsator stimulates the calf suckling process and milk is collected in stainless steel buckets.

Vansun Milking Machine Description Banner
  • Top Quality Machine
  • Value For Money
  • Rotary Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump  with highest flow at 50 KPA
  • Heavy Duty Electric Motors
  • Large Vacuum Tank with transparent Covers
  • Hydro pulsator
  • Mastitis Indicator 
  • Stainless steel Claw
  • Monoblock Food Grade and Pthalate free Liners and Tubings
  • Bigger Capacity Stainless steel Milk Cans
  • Easy to maintain and to service
  • All Parts are Manufactured in India, Easy availability of spares
  • Milking Machines that are 20 Years old are still in use.
  • Ready stock delivery,
Bucket Milking Machine Types

Features of Machine Milking

Bucket Milking Table


No, the bucket milking process does not harm the cattle in any order. Besides, it calms the cow by its calf sucking mechanism. So, the automated milking process does not make a difference and cows prefer it whereas in Hand milking Person can apply more or less pressure, and also animal gets affected when the milkers are changed in the Farm. Milking machine creats consistency which helps in increasing Milk Production .

Yes, to run milking machines, one needs to have adequate access to electricity as used in household. It works on Single Phase..

No, the blood veins are different from milk ducts in a cow. So, there is no way that blood could reach out of milk ducts.

It takes 5 Minutes to milk a cow some cow may take a minute longer if they are hard to milk,

Nothing major will happen, However it is advisable to remove the machine immediately after Milking,

No, Vansun Automated machines do not require any skilled person as the machine can be operated by any not- technical person or laborer

Yes, the cows will eventually accept the machines. They might take 2-3 Days to get adapted and once adapted they will prefer to get milked by hand

No, that’s not true. The machine can work with buffaloes as well. Newly born buffaloes are fast learners and adapt well to machines. Whereas, adapting to automated technology can be difficult for adult buffaloes due to age.

You should go for Vansun Punto Milking Machine that is a single bucket Milking Machine and actual Milking Time of all the 5 Cows will be half an hour.

  • Milking Time is reduced by increasing the no of Bucket, a general guide is
  • upto 10 Cows, you can choose single Bucket Milking Machine
  • 20 Cows - Double Bucket Milking Machine
  • 30-40 Cows Maybe Three or Four Bucket Milking Machine
  • 50-60 Cows you can Choose Six Bucke Machine
  • If you are planning for Bigger Herd size you can choose speedline or Rapiflow Milking Parlor

No, milking a cow with the help of a milking machine actually increases the Milk Yiled because of consistencies in Milking Process which can vary if a person is applying hand pressure or change of Milker.
Further more Vansun Liners and hydro pulsator makes the cow lactate more without hurting the cow’s udder.

Yes, we provide a varied range of bucket milking machines that includes, two, three, four, and six cans respectively.

Milking is the most difficult and labor Oriented task in a Dairy Farm, When you opt for Milking Machine you eventually save on Labor cost as you do not need skilled people to Milk the cows, Now anyone can milk the cows, This is the reason Vansun has more than 30,000 Satisfied Customers across India

Well, there is no need for a separate location to operate the machine. Bucket machines are portable and can easily be kept under the shed you have.

We provide both Fixed and Mobile Milking Machine, we will guide you what is suitable for your farm. Generally small farms go for Mobile Milking Machines

No, none of our machines works with batteries. All machines are equipped with Electric motors with different units.

It is very simple and easy just few hours to install a Milking machine

Mostly our machines are available in stock, howver it is better to book your machine in advance.


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