Bucket Milking

Bucket Milking

More than “15000 Milking Machines are operational across India Since 1999”

Bucket Milking Solutions for Small Farms with Mastitis Detection

Perfect Solutions For Small Cow  & Buffalo Dairy Farms With Tough Work Conditions

Most Trusted Service Providers Since 1999

Vansun Milking Machines are an ideal choice for family sized farms with milking cows from 5 – 50 and more of any breed like Holstein – Friesian or Indian breeds. Vansun Milking Machines are electrically operated and have Rotary Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump with S.S. milking buckets.

Benifits of Machine Milking

  • Increase in milk yield by 10-15%
  • Reduces milking time
  • No need of skilled milker
  • Moe milk and healthy cows
  • Better udder health