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Bucket Milking

The Only Company that provide Hydro Pulsator Mastitis Detection Bigger Cans

Perfect Solutions For Small Cow  & Buffalo Dairy Farms With Tough Work Conditions

1. Hydropulsator

2. Mastitis Detection

3. Bigger Steel Cans

4. Vansun Bucket Milking Machine Testimonial

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Vansun Milking Machines are an ideal choice for family sized farms with milking cows from 5 – 50 and more of any breed like Holstein – Friesian or Indian breeds. Vansun Milking Machines are electrically operated and have Rotary Oil Lubricated Vacuum Pump with S.S. milking buckets.

Why Vansun is the first option for Efficient milking with a Bucket Milking

  • Do you want easy milking
  • No labour problem
  • Increase milk per cow
  • Reduce milking time
  • Hassle free milking

Features of Machine Milking

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