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Herringbone Parlor

Herringbone milking parlors, the most common type in use, have proven their efficiency for decades. These parlors ensure a stress-free environment for milkers and smooth cow traffic. Convenient animal positioning makes it easy to view the cow and access the udder.

In rapid exit herringbone parlors, the brisket bar is lifted after milking and all cows can leave the parlor simultaneously. This reduces load times considerably and increases throughput. This construction is specially planned for side milking and is suitable for both milking pit and milking platform designs.

Herringbone milking parlors offer:

  • Galvanized/SS construction
  • Distance between stalls – 100 cm
  • Both fixed and rapid exits
  • Galvanized rapid exit brisket bars
  • Pneumatic system for gates and rapid exit


Herringbone Rapid Exit

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