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Smart farming with Smart Phones, Anytime and Anywhere it is possible with Afifarm 5.3 Herd Management Software.

  • Best Dairy Farm Management
  • Reverse the order to Mastitis, Ketosis, Negative Energy Balance and Digestion Problem.
  • Automatic alerts on over-crowding, bedding problems, and reduced wellbeing
  • Heat detection and fertility management
  • Monitoring and analysis of milk production
  • Milking efficiency analysis
  • Animal sorting
  • Check Washing Efficency for Detergents and Hot water every session
  • Calving Alert Service and Dystocia
  • Afilab in line Milk Lab applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Calving and heat detection

A Proven Success in the Dairy Farming Industry


Afifarm Dash Board the most easy and User friendly Interface

  • Time saving easy access to key buttons
  • Automatic Refresh and in a flash of second

Keeps you always updated on

  • Your Total Herd Status
  • Things that need your attention
  • Immediate tasks to perform at the farm


Notifications on your smartphone draws your attention to important tasks and events in farm, First of its kind in world Calving alerts and Delayed Calving notifications on your mobile Phone

The investment on a Dairy Farm can be recovered with Better Management and Management is possibly only when you know the current status of the farm

Our Global Presence

  • Nepal
  • Uganda
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia

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