AfiFeed Individual Feeding

AfiFeed Individual Feeding

In a non-TMR feeding environment, concentrated feed supplements are critical in meeting the nutritional needs of high-yielding cows, especially those that graze. It is crucial that control of individual feed dispensers, either in the parlor during milking or the housing area, is in the hands of the herdsman.

Individual feeding, in which each cow receives her own supplementary menu, presents an excellent opportunity for optimizing feed consumption. This approach can lead to increased production and a reduction in overall feed costs.


The AfiFeed system is based on the Feed per Need approach. It offers various options that enable automatic calculation of feed amounts for up to four different feed types. In addition, the system allows for a combination of menus according to the status of each animal.

AfiFeed offers flexibility in selecting a feeding approach for each cow. Options include an annual feed amounts entry, a formulation based on yield, milk components or body weight, which considers energy balance vs. production. By optimizing cows’ feed per need, farms can increase milk production and lower feed expenses by 3-5%.