Get to know A-to-Z of Setting up Dairy Farm Projects

Come to the Original, Vansun Technologies Pvt.Ltd. Since 1999
Vansun is the First Indian company to bring and promote the concept of machine Milking in India both for small and large Dairy Farms. Vansun Technologies Pvt.Ltd. started its operation in 1999 when the concept was non-existent, Realizing the difficulties of dairy Farmers we decided to venture into this field and make Dairy Farming Easy and Profitable for our valuable Customers.

Human Strength
At Vansun we have the top industry experienced people as part of Vansun team. We have 75 People as Trained Engineers, Chartered Accountants, MBA, Skilled Supervisors, Dairy Farm Specialists and Technicians. The pooled in expertise of all the departments make Vansun a highly capable service oriented company delivering highly advanced Industry relevant products and turnkey capabilities in the Milking sector.

Service Capabilities
Our advance Dairy Farm Solutions and thousands of Milking Installations stand proof of our service and turnkey capabilities. In recent years, the dairy farm sector has seen many fold growth due to increasing demand for quality milk. Addressing this need, Vansun continues to meet challenges of different climatic conditions and constraints thus providing modern milking solutions, installing and upgrading milking parlors to total dairy farm management systems. From small farms to big farms we have customized dairy farm solutions perfect for farm owners. We have built a customer base of 12000 customers across India.

International Collaborations

Solutions for Small Dairy Farm

Bucket Milking

Easy Installation / Can be wall mounted or Floor Mounted / Low Noise and Power Consumption / Rotary Oil Lubricated

Rapiflow Parlor

For a Medium Size dairy farm that wants to do faster Milking Rapiflow is an ideal solution where one Milker is required for Milking of 100 Cows.

Milking Solutions for Medium / Large Farms

Milking Solution

Milking Parlors for the Dairy Farmers who want to have Milking Parlors Without Computerized System. Vansun Milking Machines are an idle choice

Precision Farming

Affifarm –  The most  Advanced and Leading  Milk Farm Management System in the World. State of the art technology let you Know

Automated Milking Parlor

An automated system that brings improved performance to every farm by maximizing operational efficiency and increased profits.

Turnkey Dairy Solutions

Turnkey Dairy Farm Solutions are available from us, Solutions for making the day to day task easy

Milk Coolers

Delivers the fastest temperature drop and keeps the Milk in optimum storage conditions ready for collection.

Cattle Feeding System

Indian market welcomes the much awaited feeding system, VANSUN ZAGO is proud to offer the livestock market the  most advanced solution in terms of feeding

Barn Equipments

Empowered by the high-tech infrastructure, we are able to manufacture and supply a large gamut of Barn Equipment. Available with different capacities

Manure Handling

VANSUN SVEAVERKEN (Sweden) offers a wide precision solutions for manure handling like