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Vansun Milking is the premium Milking equipment and machines provider in Jharkhand. These milking machines help dairy farmers and cattle owners extract high-quality milk from cows quickly. Our equipment is made of first-class quality products that do not harm the organs of cows in any way. We are a well-recognized Milking Machine Manufacturer in Jharkhand and areas nearby. Our mission is to cover the whole country and proffer the best cow-milking tactics so that much time is left to teach other activities. We have highly skilled professionals working for us who are well-experienced in delivering the perfect services at the best possible time. 


What are the significant parts of Vansun Milking equipment?

A milking machine and equipment comprise multiple parts that are as follows: 

  • The milk receptacle
  • Vacuum pump and gauge
  • Pulsator
  • Vacuum tank
  • Liners and cup shells 


What are the advantages of Milking machines?

Although milking machines have numerous benefits in a vast labour region like Jharkhand, they cannot be listed. Still, here we have showcased the significant advantages of milking machines and equipment offered by Vansun Milking:  

  • Milking machines by Vansun Milking require less concentration of labour assistance due to being completely mechanized. Therefore, dairy owners can be independent of manual labour work. 
  • Milking time reduces to half as compared to the manual way of extraction. Consequently, it also saves a considerable amount of time. 
  • Much more labour gets reduced, and the level of getting high-quality milk increases accordingly. 
  • The rubber liners infused in milking machines by Vansun Milking are less harmful and painful to the cattle. They are delicate on the skin, whereas the traditional manual milking process by hand was not. The fingers and nails hurt the organs fewer times. 
  • Milking machines reduce the stress that gets created during the lactation period, and it also offers a decent milking routine. 


Earlier milking practices were the most drenching process for the farmers and the animals. The new milking machines offered by Vansun Milking can be a whole new resolution to your dairy farming business. Our commencement towards best practices for upgrading milking machines made us the best providers of Cow & Buffalo Milking Machine In Ranchi


How to maintain the milking machines?

Being a piece of heavy-duty machinery, the milking machines and equipment supplied by Vansun Milking are straightforward to maintain. Here are the ways how you can support them as new for a more extended period: 

  • Users can flush them with plenty of water in a bucket or pipe washing. 
  • Milking machines can be pressure washed with vacuum machines.


The support growth of Vansun Milking

The organization Vansun Milking was started two decades back when the founder of Vansun Milking, Mr Sandeep Raina, decided to introduce the country with a new resolution in the market of cattle farming.

Listed below are the factors that have always backed Vansun Milking to grow to new heights:


  • Updated manufacturing amenities

We have the most quick-witted brains working with us, and these employees are the reverb of the organization. They bring up the latest ideas that are necessary to be implemented. 


  • Top-rated market collaborations

We are proud to say that we are partnered with India’s renowned brands, such as Nestle, Amul, Verka, Mother Dairy, Namaste India and many more on the list. 


  • Long-term experience

We have been in the field of dairy farming for the past two decades, which creates an absolute standstill position in the market. Along with that, we have much knowledge about cattle farming strategies. 


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