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Cow milking is a traditional practice that we cannot even count on for how long it has been done. Notwithstanding, the process has always been conducted by hand, which brought quite a pain to the people who took it as a profession. For instance, people who earn a livelihood with the help of cattle farming did not have any other option. Meanwhile, with mutations in time, the changes in milking have been derived. That is advanced Milking equipment by Vansun Milking. Earlier, it was a daunting task due to being done manually, as talking of now, advancements have made it the easy way. Vansun Milking was founded in the late 90s, and the concept of milking machines came into existence. With the constant serving of milking machines, we have become a global service provider. The countries nearing India have become a part of our community. 

Our wholesale mission is to come up with easified assistance for cattle milking. Also, we want all the farmers who are adaptive to cattle farming to benefit from Vansun Milking, milking system and equipment. With our milking machines, farmers can extract more milk in the shortest amount of time. Covering the whole of India, we have become proficient milking machine dealers in West Bengal and nearby areas. 

The method for milking is comparable to calf teats. It keeps the cow’s udder and body clean. The devices measure milk yields and are naturally highly eco-friendly. In dairy farming, it is a cost-effective alternative to do away with the labor-intensive and time-consuming manual milking process. 


What are the benefits of Vansun Milking; milking Machines?

Few readers might wonder that, in the end, it is just the milk that matters, whether extracted manually or through machines. Therefore, here are a few key pointers that prove the efficiency of Vansun Milking; milking Machines: 

  • Milking work done by machines is time-efficient and less labor-intensive.
  • Hassle-free and hygienic way of milking. 
  • Reduces the cost paid to labor. 
  • Highly cost-efficient and animal friendly, it does not harm the animals. 
  • The milking machines are designed in a way that can be operated easily without any problems. 
  • Highly durable and extracts most of the milk in the shortest possible time. 

The milking machines are incredibly significant machinery that has proven extremely helpful in dairy farming and technology. It has various advantages for both dairy workers and customers. With the use of electricity, these machines are run. The milking machine has a variety of essential components that benefit the milkers in numerous ways mentioned above. 


Why opt for Vansun Milking? 

As our motto suggests, ‘Making Dairy Farming Easy,’; Vansun Milking is determined to offer the best milking machines. We hope that all the farmers across the country find our milking equipment useful in some way. Our most selling and trusted milking types of equipment are:

  • Buffalo milking machines
  • Cow milking machines 
  • Bucket milking machines 
  • Trolley and mobile milking machines

Since 1999 we have been in the service-providing field, which makes us stand out from others in the market. Many farmers, including India and neighboring countries, trust our milking machines. 


Wrapping up

The milking machine is unquestionably a crucial asset of dairy farming that has fundamentally changed the definition of the milking procedure. It is especially helpful for the milkers because it saves much time and effort compared to earlier manual milking methods, which required all-day involvement in managing the dairy. 

With our devotion to proffer satisfied milking assistance with Vansun Milking; milking equipment and machines. We have become top-notch milking machine dealers in West Bengal

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