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The milking machine has been serving as a great help to the dairy workers and consumers as well. The automatic milking machine is quite an upgraded and highly advanced apparatus that enables the milkers to perform milking in a quick and easy way as milking was as tough as working your finger on the bone. The earlier milking methods were extremely time taking and effortful tasks. Thus, the modern and advanced milking method for an effortless time savage milking consequently results in an efficient milking procedure.
Vansun was the first who brought this concept of a milking machine into existence in 1999. We are the best supplier of the milking machine in India and in abroad as well, as having all the updated machinery systems of the milking and other dairy equipment that are generally required. Our objective is to serve the maximum of our services to the people all over India so that both the milkers and the consumers would get the benefit of the highly advanced and significant milking process that would result in bulk milk production in less time.
As we are adept in milking machine supplying and dispersing our services in many places, we have initiated our eminent facility of milking machine supplier in Mizoram as well.
The milking machine has transformed the whole procedure of milking as done earlier which was quite time-consuming and a task that required lots of effort manually. The milking machine enables the milkers to yield higher milk production within a few time periods of about 10-15%, even for bigger herds as well there are bigger machines available that can milk multiple cows at a time per hour.
The milking mechanism is similar to calf-sucking teats. It maintains the hygiene of the cow and udder. The machines are quite eco-friendly by nature and quantify milk yields. It is an economically efficient solution in dairy farming to get rid of the hard and time taking manual milking process.

Why milking machines are getting so prominent in dairy farming?
The milking machines are extremely noteworthy equipment that has been serving a great service in dairy technology and farming. It benefits both the dairy workers and the consumers also in many aspects. These machines are operated with the help of electricity. There are manifold core features of the milking machine it possesses that are helpful for the milkers in various ways. A few of its core features are discussed below;

  • Foremost quality machine
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Hassle-free milking
  • It is quite a value for money
  • It consumes less time
  • Cost-effective
  • Less maintenance load
  • Cattle friendly
  • High performance in milk production
  • Easily operable


All the aforesaid details are quite genuine and authentic. It has been seen always that milk is in the tradition of the Guwahati, Assam, as the natives are fond of pure and healthy milk consumption since the ancient period. Thus, providing pure and absolute milk with the help of advanced and latest milking process that involves less effort to perform with higher efficiency and integrity.

In closing, the pieces of information discussed above are reliable and definite, the milking machine is truly a crucial asset of dairy farming that has completely changed the definition of the milking procedure and is quite helpful for the milkers the most as it saves a lot of time and efforts, unlike earlier manual milking methods that require the whole day involvement in the dairy management.

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