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Eco Bucket: Translucent Bucket of 30 KG in Food Grade material to know the quantity of Milk inside.

Earlier dairy farming was a lengthy and quite time-consuming practice that the milkers had to follow the trend but our company brought some innovative ideas and expansions in the field of dairy technology in 1997-98 to help out the milkers in terms of lesser effort, lesser time consumption and more profit gain without harming any cattle, Vansun milking machine has become so prominent at very less time period.

The milking machine is very much helpful in terms of the extra hard work done by the milkers earlier but today it has become an uncomplicated task to do that requires less effort with good results as a consequence.

Being the milking machine manufacturer we always try to come up with something new and different outcomes to upgrade the latest technology in the dairy farming field. We target to spread our services as much as possible in different places so that everyone could benefit from the technology and make life easier to live.
Now, we are here in Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala with all our best services to provide through the milking machine and extend the loop of as a milking machine manufacturer, supplier, and exporters in Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala.

The useful features of the machine are;

  • Less maintenance load
  • The operation is effective
  • Quite a cost-effective
  • Light in weight
  • Very easy to handle

The need for a milking machine:

Dairy farming is quite a tough job to pursue with the early manual methods that involve a lot of hard work and effort. But the milking machine specifically the cow milking machine has replaced the manual hard work to an extent so that the time and efforts both should not get wasted instead can be utilized in some other ideas to grow the technology for the dairy farming and its equipment. Dairy farming requires quality products for the better milk production and health of the cattle. Thus, we grant highly qualified food products to our cattle for their better health and growth.
The products we use to nourish our cattle on the farm are of good quality and raw materials used to enhance the dairy production equipment that will impact the better health of the cattle on the farm. We in Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala will be going to provide the facilities of dairy technology to the people and milkers so that the efforts and time consumption both get reduced and more production of the milk would be achieved.
The huge production of milk shows increments both as quantitatively and qualitatively as well with the help of the Milking machine.

Lastly, the milking machine manufacturer in Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala is a fine step toward the growth and development of dairy farming and hopefully shows a positive result.

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