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Eco Bucket: Translucent Bucket of 30 KG in Food Grade material to know the quantity of Milk inside.

The aim of the milking machine is to provide a complete solution to the milkers who were used to engaging in the dairy tasks all day and doing lots of hard work that usually consume all their time and to the consumers as well. The Vansun milking machine has proven quite helpful and fulfilled the purpose of proper milk production in a fewer time period.
The early method of manual milking demands too much time consumption and effort as well and the after-milking dairy tasks were also very much hectic for the milkers to manage things in a sorted manner. To overcome such issues and extra workload we came up with an initiative and that is the Milking machine in India in 1997-98.

How does this milking machine prove helpful?
The concept of a milking machine was brought by Vansun and later came into existence. This cow milking machine is so efficient and convenient that it makes the heavy tasks of dairy farming easier than before. It has proven very useful equipment for the milkers as it saves the extra time consumed former and the hard work reduced to half. Our motive is to reduce the labor and hard work done by the milkers and save their extra time getting utilized in that particular task only.
Thus, the milking machine is very much helpful in dairy farming for the production of bulk and healthy milk, it is purposeful for the milkers and for the consumers as well.

Our efforts to integrate the importance of dairy farming:
We keep working on the new techniques and equipment to bring advancement in dairy farming so that the production of milk would become more efficient and in abundance as milk is the basic requirement for every human being(scientifically accepted) which helps in the regulation of cellular activities.
We always try to provide our best services used to enhance dairy farming as much as possible in various places, and so we do, we have many branches in India, and this time we are going to become the milking machine manufacturer and supplier in Mathura.

We offer many advanced equipment that enables the milker to perform the dairy tasks very quickly in a fewer time period. The milking machine is extremely functional and meets the expectations.
We are known as the major milking machine manufacturer and supplier in Mathura, the reason behind this is we provide quality-based and standard services to our consumers and maintain the hygiene on the farm that inhibits the chance of any kind of infections or allergy. The milking machine is so prominent these days due to its significant characteristics and effective function.

The core features of the milking machine are;

  • Less maintenance load
  • The operation is effective
  • Increased milking
  • Lacks extra time consumption
  • Reduces labor and hard work
  • Quite a cost-effective
  • Helpful with no side effects
  • Light in weight
  • Very easy to handle


Lastly, the above-mentioned details about the milking machine are quite true and authentic. The milking machine is an important piece of equipment used on dairy farms to increase milk production and reduce the labor hard work and saves consumption of extra time as well. It is a very needful and useful tool for the milkers.

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