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Vansun has grown up as a leading cow milking machine manufacturer and after gaining a lot of experience in milking machines and their advantages, Vansun Milking Machine is going to establish its branch in Patna, Bihar. The motive of the milking machine is to reduce the consumption of extra time and efforts of the milkers who used to be busy all day on the dairy farms earlier o finish all the tasks through those former methods of milking.

The concept of the milking machine in India was initiated by Vansun in 1997-98 with the hope to help out the milkers who were engaged the whole day on the farms doing hard work and wider efforts in the management of the cattle there. This was quite a time-taking and problematic task to do, thus to overcome this, an initiative was taken by Vansun to reach a solution for such issue.

The milking machine is the righteous way to manage the dairy farm tasks as it takes lesser time and it is quite helpful and blissful for the milkers as it saves their time and hard work.

The milking machine is quite efficient in drawing milk from the many cows and its notable characteristic is the reduction of time that was being consumed formerly in extreme.

In spite of being the milking machine manufacturer, we continuously work harder and come up with some new and innovative improvements in dairy farming technologies that would be quite effective in adapting and proven superior as a consequence. Our goal is to serve these services as much as possible and thus disperse our branches in various places where the actual benefit of this machine could get taken. Now, we are going to start a milking machine manufacturer in Patna, Bihar with a target to provide hi-tech milking services to the natives of Bihar and reduce the hard work and time consumption as happen manually.

The core features of Our milking machine:

The characteristic features of the milking machines are mentioned below with the specialization and perfection skills;

  • Less maintenance load
  • The operation is effective
  • Increased milking
  • Reduces labor and hard work
  • Quite a cost-effective
  • Light in weight
  • Very easy to handle


In closing, the cow milking machine is a very much helpful and useful technology that helps in maintaining the dairy farm tasks and functions properly and is quite a lesser time-consuming process comparatively the manual milking methods used formerly by the milkers. It is basically meant to help out the milkers and make the process of milking easier for them. It also enables increased milk production due to the management of many cows on a farm thus, it is somehow more beneficial for the milkers and dairy farming.

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